Music, Film & Theater Students

If you would like to apply to your respective school(s) with your special talent it's best to get started early in the process. You are required to complete the application requirements and essays in addition to the required media components for each school. I have found that these requirements and deadlines can vary greatly and preparing these materials can take a lot of extra time. 


I will assist your student with a personalized arts application and supplemental materials timeline to ensure he/she stays on track throughout this nuanced process.


Several important requirements may include the following:

  • A pre-screen application with an onsite or offsite interview.

  • Goal statement: why you want to pursue a major in music, film or theater.

  • A recommendation from your teacher, coach or mentor.

  • A music, film or theater resume.

  • Video upload of a performance, film or theater work.

  • Answer specific questions and or write supplemental essays answering why you want to pursue your special talent.