Athletic Recruits

There are many options to participate in college sports depending on your level of play. At the D1,2 & 3 or Intercollegiate level, you may be recruited or actively seek out a position at a particular school. Always, refer to the NCAA or NAIA websites for complete rules and requirements. For club and intramural level of play, refer to the school's website for more information.

  • It's important to note that for NCAA level of play, your testing timeline may be moved up to meet requirements for recruited athletes. 

  • The NCAA has three divisions: Division I, II or III.  

  • The NAIA is for athletes who want to play at the Intercollegiate level.

  • If a student wants to play on an NCAA or NAIA level in college he/she must meet the eligibility requirements.

  • Less competitive options include club level teams and intramural sports.

  •  The admissions office admits a student to the college, not the coach.