Understanding Services and Student/Family Expectations

Julie Simonelli Consulting’s (JCS) comprehensive and personalized approach helps students successfully navigate the college search and application process leading to a successful college match. Armed with information and a thoughtfully designed academic and extracurricular plan, students and parents can feel confident that they understand the admissions process and are on track to meet deadlines. JCS consulting’s packages are designed to meet the various needs of high school students and families depending on the student’s grade level.

Julie Simonelli Consulting’s (JCS) services are defined by the package selected by the client. 


JCS will provide the services described in the selected package. To clarify, JCS will:

  • assist the student with editing and optimizing the activities resume upon receipt of the student’s initial draft activities resume.

  • brainstorm with the student a potential list of colleges based on the student’s academics and interests.

  • provide direction about researching colleges and majors. 

  • brainstorm college essay ideas with the student, provide assistance with essay structure and review essay drafts. JCS will strategize and guide the student through the essay process. JCS will not write or rewrite any portion of the essay.   

  • give the student a personalized timeline and checklist to help the student stay organized, meet deadlines and manage multiple applications at once.

  • determine the frequency of meetings.

You, the student, will be expected to:

  • participate in this process so you feel a sense of ownership about your college list. This includes researching colleges and majors on your own and visiting college campuses. 

  • disclose your expectations and explain your college goals. 

  • write all application content and essays yourself.

  • submit assignments promptly and completely, meet assigned application deadlines, and come to meetings prepared with requested materials and questions.

  • provide a most-recent transcript and disclose academic, personal, extra-curricular, disciplinary, or psychological information that is relevant to the application process.

  • give at least 24 hours notice if you must cancel a meeting. 


You, the student, are responsible for:

  • arranging for test scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation to be sent to colleges.

  • submitting applications and paying application fees.

  • monitoring the status of your applications and regularly checking for communications from colleges after submitting your application.

JCS Consulting does not guarantee acceptance at any school. Applicant pools change every year as do institutional priorities, making selective college and UC admission decisions increasingly difficult to predict. Julie Simonelli Consulting will help you craft thoughtful applications that will give you the opportunity to be considered in the best light.  Beyond that, JCS has no influence over admissions decisions.  


Meeting location:

Meetings will occur via video chat.